Selecting one section editors during submission

Hallo everyone.
I have searched for that issue but I did not find anything, so I write it.
First of all, I work with OSJ 2.4.8.

My journal has several sections with many section editors (s.e.) for each one.
Is it possible for author, during the submission, to select only ONE s.e., so that the submission isn’t sent to every s.e.?
It seems to me that this is not possible, but I wonder if any of you had any ideas about it. Maybe I just did not look in the “right place”.
Otherwise, does anyone know if there is a similar way to get to that result?
Thanks a lot in advantage for your attention and support =)

Could the author request a certain section editor in the Comments for the Editor box on the first page of the submission dialogs? All editors would be notified, but at least the author’s preference would be noted.

Dear @mreedks, thanks a lot for your reply =)
It seems the best (and only) solution right now, at least there would be author’s preference.
Many thanks for your suggestion =)