Seeking solution for displaying HTML on Article details page in OJS 3.4


I use OJS 3.4. PHP 8+

I would like to display the HTML of an article directly below the abstract on the article details page. Previously, I achieved this by using the EmbedGalley plugin. However, upon upgrading to OJS version 3.4, I can not use EmbedGalley plugin, since it is not compatible.

Could you please recommend an alternative approach or plugin that supports this feature? For reference, I found an example of the desired functionality at the following URL:

Unfortunately, I am unsure how this implementation was achieved or which plugin was used.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @fasken

The plugins for OJS 3.4 will take some time to be released, the PKP development team is working on it.

For what you need, in OJS 3.4, I can suggest you to use HTML Article Galley plugin, have you tried it?

What it does, is to publish a galley in HTML, and when you click on the galley, it displays the HTML in a separate page, as it does with the PDF:

This is what the galley would look like in HTML:

I tested it in OJS 3.4, with the Health Sciences theme.