Secure connection in browsers

Dear staff,
Happy New Year!
I installed ojs 3.0.2 as sub-fold in a domain, like I have set the ssl and https in the domain I also have turned on the directive “force_login_ssl”. The webpage of is secure connection in browsers as normal. However, all of the ojs journals pages of and… show “connection is not secure, parts of this page are not secure (such as images)” Could you tell me how to set secure connection in browsers for ojs 3.0.2?
Best regards

What this means is that while the page itself is being delivered securely, some images or scripts are being referenced by http instead of by https.

For example, in your custom journal stylesheet, you might have an absolute reference like:

background-image: url(http://mysite.tld/ojs/public/some.png);

Or in your custom HEAD code, you might be referencing something via http:

<script src="http://cdn.resource.tld/common/script.js" />

Or, an image might be referenced with an absolute URL:

<img src="http://mysite.tld/ojs/public/header.png" />

You can use the browser’s Inspector tool (press F12), particularly the console or network tab, to find the offending references.

Thank you very much. I have solved the problem by your help.