Sections and articles disappearing after we publish

We are trying to publish a new issue today and we have 2 out of our 4 sections not showing up when we publish. We can see that we have 30 submissions, but when we preview the issue 7 of them are missing and are not being properly uploaded when we publish the issue. Does anyone know what is happening?

We tried unpublishing the issue numerous times and that did not help. Every time the 2 sections and the 7 articles are not published (it’s around 90 pages that are missing).

I am unsure what OJS version we are using, we are with the University of Toronto Library.

Here you can see we have 30 pieces in the issue

In the system we can see there are 30 pieces that includes invited commentaries and research articles

but when we publish, the invited commentaries and research articles disappear (basically skipping like 90 pages of content).

This has never happened to us before! We would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Hi @Sparrow1234,

It’s hard to say exactly what is going on here without knowing the specifics of the articles that are not publishing. If you are hosted with the U of Toronto Libraries - I highly recommend getting in contact with your support contact there as they will have access to your journal and will be able to help troubleshoot (something that we likely cannot do here on the forum given that we don’t have access to your instance up front). One thing that springs to mind, however, is checking the stage of production for those articles that are not published and make sure they are properly scheduled for publication:

PKP Team

Thank you Roger! One of the staff at U of T library has fixed this for us. For forum members who may view this post in the future, here is what she did to fix the issue:

I looked at your issue and found that although the submissions in question have been assigned to Issue 3 they also had ‘scheduled for publication’ listed. To resolve the problem, I viewed the Submission then went to the Publication>Issue tab and selected the ‘Unschedule’ button. Then I selected the ‘Change issue’ button and from the dropdown menu of issues, re-selected Issue 3, then ‘Publish’ which prompted the submission to be immediately published since the issue was already published. I repeated the process above for each of the submissions that wasn’t published.

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