Section editor (when also reviewer) can not add author of the article to Review Discussions

Dear all,
I was searching why some Section editors of our journal can add author to the Review Discussions and other not.
I found out that it happens when Section editor is also a Reviewer of the article (even if opening article in the role of Editorial workflow).

Could please someone help me with this? It is a bug? Or it is meant to be like this - if yes, I do not understand in our case the reason.
Thank you!

Hi @martinca,

Recent releases of OJS include some protections that allow journal insiders (e.g. editors and section editors) to also act as reviewers without presenting information they shouldn’t have access to (e.g. author names in the case of an anonymous review). I suspect you’re running into that protection.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks, Alec for your explanation.

Regards, Martina