Searching for reviewers in OJS 3.0

Currently the functionality for searching reviewers within OJS is limited and somewhat obfuscated. It is not possible to easily search for reviewers via the Users tab, and the Locate a Reviewer option under Add Reviewer, limits searches by Reviewer Interests to exact phrase keywords only. Given most of our reviewers add their own interests in an idiosyncratic way, the lack of an easy way to keyword (rather than phrase search) for reviewers is a significant impediment to the functionality of managing peer reviewers. In the light of GDPR and data privacy compliance issues, where we are looking to centralise the storage of information on reviewers entirely on our password protected OJS server environment and not in local files, this is increasingly a concerning omission within the OJS platform.

Are there current any moves in progress to develop this area beyond its current, and somewhat perfunctory, configuration?

Are you using 3.0 or maybe

We’re currently using and are due to upgrade to within the next month.

There have been some changes made to the reviewer selection in

I suggest you check how it works now, and if you have any suggestion to the current functionality, post that to the forum

In I have same problem. Is there any solution for this?