Search Index and issues with reindexing

Thought I would give a quick update on my experiences trying to update the search indexes.

First, some background. I noticed that our old installation of would return MANY more entries when I searched on a particular keyword compared to OJS 3.3.0.x I presumed that when the system was updated, everything was updated. Thanks to our friend Kerim, he pointed us to the known issue about the database needing to be reindexed after an upgrade!

After mucking around for while trying to get the “php /tools/rebuildSearchIndex.php” to run and trying with a path to the install, I determined that the T_CLASS directive is only supported in PHP7.4 and above. So our solution was that we had to path directly to the php74 folder and the command for our installation was “/usr/local/php74/bin/php tools/rebuildSearchIndex.php” This is currently running and we are on our way. This may be basic for many but when we upgraded to 3.3.x, we had to upgrade to php7.4 to run this version. It is unclear why, when we run php -v and get back 5.6, that OJS is apparently running on 5.6 if it is the default. Something is missing here. BUT, our search indices are being reindexed!

Can someone add the other issues linked to this into the body here?

Just FYI. radjr

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