Search Icons in other Journal not Viewed and then PDF files error view, no files found;

Hello All;

is anyone know why the glyph icons no show in other journal?

Please tsek:
Journal 01 - Icons not show

Journal 02-04 is show;

In PDF files each article Galley can’t view or Download. in my VPS Server I point the directory to

option 1: /home/philair/public_html/publication/files

option 2: /public_html/publication/files

I tried this two options but not to located the PDF file each article.

Please help me for this;

I can see them just fine here, maybe a browser cache issue.

Check for Cross-Origin request errors in your browser’s web inspector:

Hello All;

i checked to another browser and PC/laptop the glyph icons is able to view.

in files_dir problem. configuration is pointing.

But, when I checked to any browser the file is not found.

I tried to upload a file to the article and the result is fine and able to view;

If I will follow the re-upload all articles, more time to consume, cause the issue of each journal is 25 issue and each issue has 10-15 articles. It’s bad for me;

even though the file is in the files folder but can’t pointed to view the article file.

Hope you can give me some Idea for this.

-best regards

Hi Darryl. I was searching in the forum, looking for a solution and I saw this post. Could you fix this problem? I have exactly the same problem right now. I know the files are in the files_dir route, but i can´t see them in any browser. I get the same screen (An error ocurred while loading the PDF). Same in HTML files