Search form in sidebar returns 404 because of op="results" but editing block.tpl doesn't change this

We’ve recently upgraded from 2.3.8 to 2.4.6 and noticed that one set of journals began throwing 404 from the sidebar search. The top menu search link page works fine. I found that we had a block.tpl.rej and that op=“search” was not in place as well as id=“simpleQuery” name=“simpleQuery”. I edited the plugins/blocks/navigation/block.tpl file to make these changes, but I seem to be stuck with some cached version of the old one, as the source in my browsers still shows

<form method="post" action="">

instead of

<form method="post" action="">

and the inputs are still

<input type="text" id="query" name="query" size="15" maxlength="255" value="" class="textField" />

The error is:
404 Not Found – RequestPath: /index.php/jrul/search/results
Have I done anything obviously wrong here? Could it be a cache issue? Is there a file other than block.tpl that needs updating?

Thanks in advance,


Have you tried clearing the template cache from User Home → Site Administrator?

I did try clearing the template cache, but there seemed to be be change.

Does your plugins/blocks/navigation/block.tpl now look like the current 2.4.7 base code, or do you still have local modifications?

We have very few local modifications. Here is a diff of your 2.4.7 file (~/block.tpl) and the current one we use, which prints a ToC in the sidebar for one journal.

triggs@dev1-vm1-etddev:/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/journals> diff ~/block.tpl plugins/blocks/navigation/block.tpl
<     <span class="blockTitle">{translate key="plugins.block.navigation.journalContent"}</span>
>     {if $currentJournal && $currentJournal->getPath() == 'pcsp'}                 
>         {if $requestedPage == "index" || $requestedPage == ""}
>         <div class="block">
>                 {if $issue}<h3>{$issue->getIssueIdentification()|escape}</h3><h3>{translate key="issue.toc"}</h3>{/if}
>                 {include file="issue/issue.tpl"}
>         </div>      
>         {/if}
>     {/if}
<     <form id="simpleSearchForm" action="{url page="search" op="search"}">
>     <span class="blockTitle">{translate key="plugins.block.navigation.journalContent"}</span>
>     <form id="simpleSearchForm" method="post" action="{url page="search" op="search"}">

Thanks for the help! I found my problem - our sys admin had copied the active OJS files to a different directory tree, so the changes I was making were not showing up… When I discovered this and changed the right block.tpl, it worked like a charm.