Search and Advanced Search

  • Application Version - OJS 3.2.1-1

The button “Search” in journal topbar menu works only when I fill with any word and press < Enter>.
When I fill with the word and press “Search” button, it open the advanced options and show “No results”.

My suggestion is that when the topbar search is available, the “search” button should be changed to “advanced search”, for example, not generating this confusion.
Or only show “No results” when something was fill in the fields.

I was also thinking about those issues and solved them by redesigning the search bar and results page of OJS 3:

  • Removed the “Search” phrase in the search bar, leaving only the search icon in place and added a “Advanced Search” button next to it
  • Modified the search results page to show the “No Results” message only when a search query was sent

Here’s a demo of my search bar modification:


I uploaded all of my changes to my Github repository, so everybody may apply those changes to their OJS 3 instance: GitHub - nicolols/OJS-3-search-redesigned: Improvement of the OJS 3 search by redesigning the search bar and results page

Thak you @nicolols. I will follow your instructions.