Scopus/Crossref plugin: Not getting all citations from Scopus with the plugin

Hi all!
We are on OJS and one journal use the plugin for Scopuc/crossref citations. At the moment just to get citations from Scopus.

But it does not get all the citations, some just still says zero even that it has citations in Scopus. Anyone know why that is?

I have checked to see any kind of pattern but I can not find one. All of the journals material is indexed in Scopus, with citations. They got their DOI about three years ago and started to add it for backfiles, so the DOI is sometimes not included in Scopus for older articles. Is there some information in Scopus that triggers the plugin, that could be missing at the moment?

Any help to solve the mystery appreciated, Best regards Martina Ramstedt, Lund University Library

Hi @marram
the plugin uses the DOI for the search queries in Scopus and Crossref. If a DOI is missing in Scopus, the article will not be found. Could you please give me 2-3 example DOIs where no citation is loaded via Scopus? I will check this directly via the Scopus API.

Thanks for the reply! Ok, yes that is the problem then, these articles now have DOI, but that is not included in Scopus (not yet at least).

But here is an example:

Thank you! Regards Martina

Yes, the missing DOI is definitely the problem, because the Scopus API responded: "error": "Result set was empty"