Saving review form

We have had a recurring problem with our installation of OJS 2.4.5. On occasion, a reviewer will get a blank screen upon saving a completed review form. It does seem as if the review information is saved, but the blank screen confuses reviewers and they then don’t have an opportunity to complete the review process.

We have debugging turned on, and no error message appears, just the blank screen. The page that causes the blank screen is /reviewer/saveReviewFormResponse. Thanks for your help!

Hi iupj,

I tested here and it works. Do you have access to your php error log? Can you make sure there’s nothing there related to this issue. Blank screens might also happen when because of a silent php error. Do you have any custom work related to the review workflow in your system?

Also, is this happening to any specific review form or it doesn’t matter?


Thank you for your quick response. I don’t have access to the php error log, although I can see if our tech guy can take a look. We don’t have any code modifications or third-party plugins that could be causing this error.

This problem has been very difficult to diagnose as I can’t replicate it reliably myself. I have not been able to discover any pattern when it occurs.


It might help to get an error log from one entire day that you’re sure the system had this error, so we can try to find anything related to that.

Other than that, you can try to use all possible review forms with the reviewer user accounts that had the problem. Maybe you’ll find the one that’s causing the problem.