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Hello, our library recently upgraded from OJS 3.1.2 to OJS 3.2. I went in to clean up some reference data on a journal we host and assign DOIs to article references and I noticed that with the new version of OJS, there is no more Save and Extract References button on the References screen, just a Save button. Has the process for registering DOIs changed with version 3.2, or am I missing something else? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 9.11.23 AM

Hi @nwojcik,

You probably mean the Crossref Reference Linking plugin, right?
The plugin is unfortunately not available for the OJS 3.2 but again for the OJS 3.3 (that latest version). Thus, would it be possible for you to update to the latest version?
There were some changes: The plugin now automatically checks for the found reference DOIs – the manual check using the button is not provided any more. The plugin is now available via plugin gallery and it requires either the Acron plugin (usually enabled by default) or a cron job defined to run the plugin’s scheduled task.
Thus: The references are entered as till now. They are now automatically extracted when the button “Save” is pressed. If the CrossrefReferenceLinking plugin is enabled and set up correctly: When the article is deposited by the Crossref, the references will be included. It will be automatically checked for the found reference DOIs, using/executing the plugin scheduled task. The found reference DOIs will be automatically saved in the DB and displayed with the references on the article abstract page.
The DOI and Crossref plugis function the same.


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