Sample Journal style sheet for OJS

Hey all,

I was wondering whether anyone has created or found a sample journal style sheet like used to be available for OJS 2.x? I’m trying to change some very simple things (link colours, box border colours, etc) and while some things work, others are still being overridden by the default css. Site as follows: All the blue in the drop down menus needs to be replaced, for example.

I have no access to the server or system files, so I can only use the journal style sheet option.


Dear @Karen
You journal is not online.
Can you check it out.


Hi @Karen,

You may need to patch this issue to change the CSS loading priority. Alternately, you can use !important to cause your changes to take precedence, even if OJS’s built-in styles are loaded afterward – but this isn’t generally a good CSS practice.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec! I’ll try IT to see whether they can patch it,but in general it takes them a year to get anything done. So I may have to go the ‘not good practice’ route for now. I tried adding !important to some of the items but it didn’t work so I’ll investigate further where it should go. :slight_smile: