ROR, removing an incorrect ID proves impossible

I have entered an incorrect ROR for one author
but it is impossible to remove it.
I have deleted it and saved, but it is still kept in the field.
I would prefer not to delete and recreate the author as a solution;

on OJS


Are you able to address this?

@lsteele Can you tell me your procedure or which step exactly fails as I cannot reproduce the scenario you mention ?

Dear Dulip,
First of all, we enabled ROR to test a new plugin for Open Access Switchboard which requires that at least one author displays an affiliation with ROR. We would be keen to use RORs in our workflow, but it has proven complex. Here are my steps:

  1. ROR was enabled
  2. we entered the ROR for International Life Sciences Institute India for some of the first author as a test
  3. the test was successful but the ROR was not the real affiliation…
  4. we tried to remove the ROR to enter the correct affiliation but it was not possible
  5. we had to disable to ROR plugin to be able to correct the affilliation
    Here is a screenshot, not sure it it has any meaning…

ror for dulip

So, despite our willingness to use ROR it does not appear reliable. It is a concern also with regards to the OAS pluing, which is based on ROR.
I look forward to knowing if we do something wrong and how to make it work well. Thanks you for your help!