Robots.txt big issue

Hi, today I found in Google Webmaster Tools that there are “Severe health issues” in my OJS configuration.
The issue il the robots.txt file, blocking important pages.

In effect, the standard OJS configuration of the robots.txt at the moment is blocking the indexing of the whole installation
because of the directive Disallow: cache/

Wich is the best way to solve the issue? It is the first time that I see this error (maybe google changed something).


I’m not following this exactly.

Google Webmaster Tools is reporting no errors, no warnings in your screenshot. The disallow of the cache folder makes sense as it is not web-exposed from an UA’s perspective.

Can you provide more detail on the message(s) regarding the “severe health issue” from Google?

Hi @ctgraham,
below the message from Google. The issue is affecting all my OJS instances and it is the first time that I see that.

If I delete the directive
Disallow: cache/
all seems ok

I loaded a similarly configured site into Google Webmaster Tools, and I don’t see the health warning issue at this time.

If you load your public page and view the source, do you see any reference to the cache folder in an href or src attribute?

@ctgraham I double checked the issue.

Using the feature “fetch as Google”, the crawler can fetch an article page and every other pages from OJS
In Bing webmaster tool it is the same: only is ok

The only matter is the alert in Google Webmaster Tool dashboard: maybe they have broken anything in their features…

Sorry for this non-bug issue and thank you for your attention

Maybe would be better chanhe the robots.txt directive
Disallow: cache/
Disallow: /cache/

If it is ok for you too, maybe can be updated in the OJS master code, too


You’re right.

It looks like the robots.txt file was written assuming that it could be dropped in as a subdirectory. This is, to my knowledge, unsupported by the standard.

Would you like to open a pull request?

just done: Better compliance with standard by marchitelli · Pull Request #769 · pkp/ojs · GitHub