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Hello everyone
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I am sorry for the, probably, very simple question but after struggling a few hours with the code I was not able to understand how can I change the journal logo size. OJS is resizing it too much and now the logo seems awkward, too small.

Can anyone point out the right direction. It would be nice to resize but I would like to control it. Which file should work on? I believe it should be in the css but I jus cant find it.

If someone can answer in te next 6 hours it would be great. We are in a tight schedule because the previous logo was looking fine but now my bossa told that for this one we shoudl use our new logo and now thats the result:

We are launching it tomorrow morning (China time btw)

Thank you very much in advance

The size of the logo is constrained by the CSS declaration:

.pkp_site_name .is_img img {
	display: inline-block;
	max-height: 180px;
	max-width: 100%;
	width: auto;
	height: auto

(particularly, the max-height directive).

You’ll want to upload an appropriate CSS file to override this to your preference.

Hi @ctgraham
How could I make the right side bar like the attached screenshoot?

I have tried using css float through custom block but nothing changes. It seems to be filtered by Ojs 3.
I want to make the following items into block

This is my journal
Greatly hope for any help since this customization is important for my journal look

Are you familiar with CSS? Creating borders around the Information block would involve declarations such as .block_information .content ul li { border: 1px solid; } Custom CSS should be able to cover what you describe.

If you are new to CSS, I strongly recommend W3School’s CSS Tutorial as an introduction.

Thank you very much for all your help.

I was able to change the header size. And the journal is already published. I will check it out now where can I share the URL.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all of you.

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Nice work with the layout of your journal. Could you please share the css?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Jacob

Yes sure I can. However I just did minor modifications in CSS, but in some tpl files we did change a bit. For example to include the abstract in the homepage and justify it.

The CSS is here.

For the remaining modifications kindly tell me if you want me to tell you which files and code lines we changed?

Actually, it would be great if we could manage this changes through an option checker in ADMIN. Like which fields to include in each page. Not sure yet if I should make a feature request.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year


Thank you very much.

I think I am primarily interested in your changes to the page header. Logo moved to above meny etc. I guess that’s not in the css?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Como solucionaste el problema? Donde hicistes los cambios?

Your image size appears to be primarily constrained by:

.navbar-header .navbar-brand {
   height: 150px;

If you can get help from someone who is good with CSS, you may be able to restyle the .navbar-header > h1 to look like your logo without resorting to using an image for your logo. This is generally considered to be superior to using non-scalable images.