Rewarding referees via ORCID wrote last year (OJS v3 ORCID integration & auto-update): “ORCID iD is not integrated with ORCID’s new Peer Review3 functionality at this time. You’ve caught my attention with it, however. I’m interested in seeing this integration and will try proposing it within the Pitt ULS for development for 2017. To my understanding, this would require an institutional membership.”

Is there any development in this regard?
Thanks, Gert Kruger

Linked to this point - is it possible for editors to see the referee history of a specific referee (for that specific journal)?

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I have not yet begun development on this, but it is still of interest.

Regarding the history for a specific referee, one suggestion has been the Reviewer Report:

Any news on rewarding referees via ORCID?

Hi @kruger,

Not specifically for referees – but a proposed contribution from @nweiher adds the ability for the ORCID plugin for OJS 3.x to directly send author contributions to ORCID (previously this was done via CrossRef); that code can be extended fairly easily for reviewers now that the PR adds general deposit code.

The lifecycle needs to be considered and proposals are welcome – i.e. when are reviews deposited? Does the editor have a workflow to invite reviewers to claim their reviews? Etc. This might be a potential sprint project for September in Heidelberg.

I recently spoke about this potential with @alainna, so maybe she has more to add!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

It would be excellent to have feature which directly sends reviews to ORCID records.

It would involve two functions:

  1. Creating a grouping for the reviews: Describes what the review was for. It could be as specific (Geophysical Research Letters, University of Place Publishing) or non-specific (Earth Sciences Journal) as desired. Technically, it requires an access token created using ORCID member API credentials and creating a group identifier with optional description. (In most cases the identifier is the ISSN for the journal – probably the easier option to offer in OJS.)

  2. Adding reviews to ORCID records: Describes the reviewer’s role and the review itself and requires a unique identifier for the review. Can be as specific or non-specific as desired. Technically, it requires an access token created by gaining a user’s permission, creating a unique identifier for the review, and storing information about the organisation convening the review (usually the publisher). (If the system is already collecting tokens, say, using the proposed contribution from @nweiher, then those tokens could be reused for this purpose.)

Examples of open reviews can be seen under F1000Prime on ORCID – not the DOI identifier for the review, and that it specifies the review subject (paper being reviewed).

Examples of closed reviews can be seen under Geophysical Research Letters on ORCID – note the source-work-id identifier for the review.

For more of what goes into a peer review item on ORCID, see #RecognizeReview with ORCID. We also have additional resources at our member support centre and GitHub. Or pepper me with questions – would love to help make this a reality!


Yes man! Fully supported.

Any movement on this issue? To recognize referees via ORCID?

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One year later. Any movement on this issue? To recognize referees via ORCID?

I don’t think this is part of the orcidProfile plugin yet, but 4Science recently wrote a Reviewer Credits plugin which might be of similar interest.

I do still think leveraging this ORCID functionality would be beneficial.

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I am still folowing this topic. Any development?