Reviews are reformatted to unacceptable short line length

We are using OJS 2.4.6.

When a reviewer enters a review using TinyMCE, the layout of the review looks perfect, but as soon as the review is saved, line length is truncated to 32 characters and the text is wrapped accordingly. This leads to a poor layout (and very long reviews with short lines).

I have searched the forum and googled quite extensively, but have been unable to find why this might happen. Any pointers, please?

Thank you very much

Hi @wfb,

Odd, I haven’t heard of that happening before. Have you made any modifications to your system? Could you post screenshots of the problem – or, if that would expose confidential information, send them to me via a private message?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

No, I am not aware that our system has been modified, but I am only a Journal Manager / Editor, not an administrator, so I can’t be 100% sure. I have followed up with the administrator, though.

Here are two screen shorts, one of the TinyMCE before saving, the other just after saving. Confidential information has been removed.
Best regards

This looks to be a stylesheet issue rather than a TinyMCE issue. Note that the subject and edit controls also appear to be constrained by a bounding box. Check out your CSS with your browser’s “Inspector” element to find the constraint. For example, in Google Chrome:

Dear Graham,

Bingo! The width of headerTitle, body, etc in comment.css was indeed set to a small value (550px). We’ve fixed it.

Thank you, Alec and Graham, for your help!


The problematic CSS definition is in styles/comments.css. It is possible that there are some uses of comments that I am not yet familiar with, but the line length is definitely too short for “standard” long reviews that are entered in free style.

Maybe the proper solution is to rely on review forms in order to avoid this problem.