Reviewer: "You don't currently have access to that stage of the workflow" ( OJS )

Hello, in 3.2.0 in an instance which has not been used for production yet, which was updated from, I have run into problems with when reviewers (who do have the review permission, and I also tried adding the submission role) have reached the step 3 “download and review” .


I get two Javascript popups as the area with the file downloads populates.

You don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow. [https://domain/index.php/journal/$$$call$$$/grid/queries/queries-grid/fetch-grid?submissionId=1&stageId=3&_=1584566513393]


After I dismiss these, the downloads of the review assets are permitted.

Then on Step 4 when i submit the review (for example as “accepted”) it says review submitted and this error:


You don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow. [https://domain/index.php/journal/$$$call$$$/grid/queries/queries-grid/fetch-grid?submissionId=1&stageId=3&_=1584567639240]

then it says undefined in a dropdown again.
then there is a loading circle that keeps circling.

I’m thinking that I will probably reinstall from scratch and hope that the issue is some quirk of the upgrade process. Researching previous topics it seems like usually this is a result of mangled permissions but I don’t think I changed any of them from the defaults. It seems to me this is a Javascript/Vue driven error since the PHP side does not seem to have issues.

We experienced this with Chrome and Firefox in the same fashion. I examined the Web inspector Console and did not see any helpful messages and the Network tab did not seem to give me anything useful on the payloads. I have also checked the PHP logs with no luck to this point.

I can reliably reproduce this by attempting reviews - if it is helpful can provide other data or dumps from this.

Thanks and best regards,

Hi @HongPong,

It looks like you’re using access keys to permit reviewers to access the system without logging in, but if you’re testing the upgrade, I suspect you’re probably already logged in e.g. as an editor. To test reviewer emails with access keys, make sure you’re logged out of your editorial account before clicking the review link.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Good afternoon @HongPong,

I have the same problem when upgrading from version 3.1.2-1 to 3.2.0-1, were you able to solve the problem?

Best regards,
Eduardo Santos

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We have this same issue. Any resolution from anyone?

We have this same issue. Any resolution from anyone? (2)

Hi all,

I have not had any luck so far. Alec, I used private browser windows so i did not think that sessions getting mixed together would be the issue (unless sessions are keyed to IP addresses specifically).
Will report again here if I can trace further - I’m not sure where exactly to look that might be the source of this. It was distinctly happening in the Javascript side that much is clear.

Best regards,