Reviewer can't review

An editor mistakenly clicked on “Unable to do the review” for a reviewer. Now the reviewer shows as “regrets” even though he is able to review. How can we easily (without manipulating the database) enable him?

The best work-around is to assign the reviewer in a subsequent round of review. Correcting the assignment in the database is also an option, if you’re comfortable working directly in there.

Hi, can you elaborate on what exactly must be done if one goes for correcting the assignment in the database?

Thanks, Anna

Hi @annadani,

You can use a query like this:

 UPDATE review_assignments SET date_confirmed = NULL, declined = 0 WHERE review_id = 123;

…where 123 is the review ID. You can get this by looking at the URLs to any action the reviewer performs with respect to that review; you should see reviewId=123 or similar in the URL.

Please back up your database before modifying it directly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the quick reply Alec!