Review submitted but cannot read it


I have a submission which I cannot read one of its reviews.
In the review tab of the issue I can see the two reviewers assigned. Both reviewers have sent their reviews. I can also see the review documents uploaded by them
But for one of the reviewers there is no element “Read Review” in the right-hand side (image attached)
The reviewer says she has filled in the review form, but I still cannot read it.
Can you think of any reason for this? Any advice on how to solve it?
Thanks in advance for you reply.

Hi @jascanio,

My experiences are that the reviewers don’t finish the review process. It is not enough to full the review form, but also give the recommendation and finish the review. Anyhow, what you can do is to click on the blue triangle at the reviewer and afterwards select Review details to get insight of what has been accomplished and what not.

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,
Thanks for your help.
Yes, I see that the reviewer did not give any recommendation. I see that, aside from seeing no entries for the form, no recommendation was given.
I will request the reviewer to do the process again.