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i’m using OJS 3 and when i try to make a subsequent review in add review page, i select REVIEW_REQUEST_SUBSEQUENT email template, or similar, but just title changes, email’s body remains as REVIEW_REQUEST. Could you help me please with this issue?

Hi @wesin

Could you explain a little bit more what are you trying to do, where, how… ?


when i change red area, the blue area doesn’t change.

Hmmm… In my latest OJS version I cannot reproduce it – I do not have the select options :-\ Which OJS version are you using, 3.0.2?

3.0.1, but i alredy tryed in 3.0.2 unsuccessfully. Can you select any other option? I can only to choose Article Review Request template.

No, I have no select box there, thus no option to select…

did you upgrade to OJS 3 or install new one?

This was an upgrade, but I could see if it is the same in the new installation – I have one…

when you open a new review round after request revisions to author, do you need add reviewer again? If so, what’s message sent to reviewer?

Hi @wesin

Hmmm… I choose “Request Revisions” after the first review round, then I get a revision from the author, then I create a new review round. I do not have to add reviewer again, but I can do that. When I do that, I still get only one e-mail template, just the same like in the first review round, s.:

Also, when I search the code after “REVIEW_REQUEST_SUBSEQUENT” I cannot find it anywhere except in the locale XML files – it seems like the e-mail template is there but is not used…

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This is happening too. The body of the email never changes.
Was there a fix?

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Hi @digitojs,

It looks like you’re asking the same question on another thread. Please don’t double-post – it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
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Sorry @asmecher, in the moment I didn’t notice.

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