Review process problem


We use the OJS Version 3.2.1-4. We noticed more times that a reviewer with overdue review can reply to the review request after the manuscript went to Copyediting phase.

  1. We wouldn’t like if a manuscript’s status could change without the editor decision. I mean an accepted paper can return to Review automatically – this is an error.
  2. We wouldn’t like if a reviewer could reply to the review request after the acceptance.

This second problem occured in the last version, too. But the first problem is something new that is occured since we changed into version 3.2.1-4.

We please your kind help in these cases.

Many thanks,


Hi @nrado, thanks for reporting this. You’re right! If a reviewer accepts a review request it will set the submission back to the review stage. I can’t believe this has never been noticed before! I’ve filed an issue and you can follow progress here:

I’ve filed your other request (to automatically close review assignments) here: Close review assignments when a submission is accepted or declined · Issue #7338 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. That one is likely to take a little longer but I think it will be a popular request.

Hi NateWr, thank you for your help.

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