Review forms. One little question

  • Application Version: OJS 3.1.2

  • Description of issue: Every time I assign a review form to a reviewer there’s a part of it that not appears… The reviewer doesn’t see it.
    This part is the description and instructions for the form (which would appear at the beginning). The funny thing is that I have it completed…

  • Screenshots:


Hi @didoemilio,

Did you create this form on the current version of your journal? Or was this create in a prior version and had upgraded?

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

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It was created in version 2.4.6

Hi @didoemilio,

I had also encountered this issue during an upgrade from OJS 2 to OJS 3. I made a copy of the review form and refilled the missing selection and used the new version of the review form going forward.

If you end up doing this, you’ll just have to manually switch the review forms for the reviews/reviewers that are currently underway and those who let you know that they’re unable to see it. You’ll need to click edit under the reviewers’ name (within the given manuscript) and change the reviewer form to the new one you recreate.


I’ve submitted a Github ticket #5531 for this issue.

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Public Knowledge Project