Review file WORD in platform OJS3

Dear forum participants

I have a question for you: could you suggest me how to upload the form for the peer review in a separate Microsoft Word file? At the moment, we are still in the position of having to send the form privately by e-mail to the various reviewers.
Now we would like the reviewers to be able to find the file in the OJS platform.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,

Alessio Ruggiero

Hi @aruggiero. I suppose you need it specifically on a separate word and can’t use the integrated review form, is it right?

My first idea is that the editor could upload the “form.docx” in the Review Files along the author’s paper, and then share them to the reviewers.

You could edit the mail template or the reviewers guideline to inform the reviewers they will have two files to download (the article and the review form).

It’s simple, but it could works…