Revert option to hide section policies in OJS 3

Since OJS 3.1.2 (?) the Section Policies are displayed again on the “Submission” page, but there is no option to hide the policy like it was in OJS 2. Of course I can use CSS to hide ALL policies, but if I want to hide just a few or one policy I have no option at the moment. I can delete the text though, but then I won’t see the section policy in the backend, too. I would like to request that I can hide a policy via a checkbox like it was in OJS 2.

Hi @bibliothekswelt

This feature in 3.1.2 has already been reverted in the codebase and should be back to the way it was in the next versions of OJS. Section policies are not displayed anywhere · Issue #2638 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub


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