Retrieving date when submission was sent to review stage (stageId 3)

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Hello everybody! I am working on a script to support our Section Editors. For this script, I need the Information of when (datetime) a submission was sent to the review stage. This information can be found under the Activity logs of a submission, in the History tab. I am trying to retrieve the data directly from the SQL database, but have not managed to find the table where it is stored. I am aware that the activity log is formed from the tables notes, email_log and event_log, but have not found anything useful there so far.
Below is an example screenshot of the relevant info in the activity log history for one of our submissions:

Does anybody have any hintson where I could retrieve the time of when a submission was sent to review stage?

What application are you using?
For example, OJS 3.3.0-14

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hi @Max358

The date you probably want is the date_decided field in the edit_decisions table. The decision column contains a number that gets mapped to a particular EDITOR_DECISION_* constant. These constants are defined in lib/pkp/classes/workflow/ and classes/workflow/


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Hi Jason,

thanks a lot this info helps a great deal!

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