Resubmit for review button missing

I’d like to ask about resubmit for revision button. I know that a similar question appeared, but from the replies I understand that when one of the reviewers requests changes and a new review after them, you HAVE TO start a new round of reviews.
My point is- is it possible to resubmit a corrected text to the reviewer who requested changes and ONLY to this reviewer (without starting a new round of reviews)? In my particular situation the other reviewer accepted the text and did not require any changes.

Hope I explained it clearly enough:)

Hi @apla,

As far as I understand that is not possible. But why is a problem to have another review round with only the reviewer that requested changes?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

Thank you for the answer, the solution works for us:)

Have a good day:)