Restricting Submissions

We are having a volume of submissions from what appears to be the same user/company that are not relevant to our Journal. We’ve tried asking nicely, we’ve tried removing their accounts and it is continuing. 14 in one day. I know we can disable submissions as a whole but we still want relevant ones to be submitted. is there anything we can do to prevent this individual specifically?

OJS in process of testing upgrade to

Hi @loola,

Sorry to hear that. There is a feature that should allow you to deactivate OJS accounts, but it may be in later versions in 3.1. You could potentially remove their author role, preventing them from being able to submit. However, if you have your instance setup to be able to register as author, this may negate this.

PKP Team

If they are spamming the journal, you could block their IP address or range using an apache rule.

we’ve tried removing the account but it hasn’t solved the issue

thanks - we’ll try this