Restore merged user account activities?


We used the mergeUsers.pho tool to purge about 900 spam accounts into a single “deleted user” merge account. We inadvertently merged 4 real reviewer accounts, one of which was also an author, into this account, so now the “deleted user” is associated with a few article reviews, one also being an author.

If I were to create new accounts for these 4 people, would it be possible to manually re-assign these review and author activities in the database? Or is there an easier way?

For instance:

  • The “deleted user” users.user_id = 2900
  • I can re-create a new user account for John Smith, so new users.user_id = 2901
  • Determine review IDs for the old John Smith account
  • In MySQL,
    update review_assignments
    set review_assignments.reviewer_id = 2901
    where review_assignments.reviewer_id = 2900 AND review_assignments.review_ID = John’s review IDs
  • Repeat for the other 3 users.

I realize that many more tables will need to be updated as well, but in theory, is this a correct road to explore?

Thankfully, I think these user merges are also safe to ignore. While valid, the activity is pretty low. While it would be nice to restore, we may just create new user accounts from scratch and then never deleted the “deleted users” account, knowing it can be referenced if ever needed down the road.


Never mind I guess, I realize this may be way too heavy a lift. I have restored from backup, and will re-curate my merge list before merging again.

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