Restore Journal Manager role to Site Administrator in OJS3

The site administrator managed to remove the Journal Manager role from themselves. Can anyone advise how to add it back?

<caso a senha esteja funcionando, deve entrar no perfil e la designar o papel>

Sorry I don’t understand this reply.

Hi @2020media,

If the site administrator can still log in to the journal they should be able to assign the role to their own user profile.

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Thankyou, that has helped but what I did not realise when looking before is that when you use the “search users” it does not search on username. Hence I did not find the Administrator user and consequently could not then edit their roles.

For reference:
Login - Hosted Journals
Do I click Hosted Journals → name of journal → Users
Use the search to find the Administrator user using First Name or Last Name, NOT username.
Edit their roles to add Journal Manager and Save.


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