Resetting email templates after upgrade to OJS 3.4

Describe the issue or problem
OJS 3.4 brings much improved email templates, but after upgrade the templates saved in ‘email_templates_default_data’ remain the same. Resetting the email templates through user interface therefore does not reset the templates to nev versions from OJS 3.4.
I’ve found a tool lib/pkp/tools/installEmailTemplate.php that to my knowledge does the job of replacing templates in ‘email_templates_default_data’. The tool mostly works, but some template keys produce errors that I’m still investigating.
My main question therefore is: is using lib/pkp/tools/installEmailTemplate.php tool the correct way for resetting default email templates or there is some (easier) way?

What application are you using?
OJS 3.4.0-5

To answer my question: lib/pkp/tools/installEmailTemplate.php is not the right tool to reset default email templates after upgrade, but (with a small edit to emailTemplates.xml file) it did do the job.
After reviewing the code I think that I7264_UpdateEmailTemplates.php should have done this, but for some reason it did not.