Resend Email Validation

I’m running into an issue where a user lost/deleted/maimed their email validation email… and they need a new one. How can I resend their email validation?

This is a longstanding issue and I don’t think there is a way to do that within the software. The workaround is to manually activate the user’s account based on your manual confirmation of their email address.

Hi @ctgraham
I done this code, and work very well. you can add it on

 * Developed By: M.babaei
 * Resend Validation Mail to user
 * @param $args
 * @param $request
 * @return JSONMessage
function sendValidationMail($args, $request)
    $user = $request->getUser();

    // Identify the user Id.
    $userId = $request->getUserVar('rowId');
    if (!$userId) $userId = $request->getUserVar('userId');

    // Are we enabling or disabling this user.
    $enable = isset($args['enable']) ? (bool)$args['enable'] : false;
    // Developed By: M.babaei
    if ($userId !== null && !Validation::canAdminister($userId, $user->getId(), $request->getContext())) {
        // We don't have administrative rights over this user.
        return new JSONMessage(false, __('grid.user.cannotAdminister'));
    } else {
        // Send email validation request to user

        $accessKeyManager = new AccessKeyManager();
        $accessKey = $accessKeyManager->createKey('RegisterContext', $userId, null, Config::getVar('email', 'validation_timeout'));
        /** @var UserDAO $userDao */
        $userDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('UserDAO');
        $requestUser = $userDao->getById($userId);
        $mail = new MailTemplate('USER_VALIDATE');
        $this->_setMailFrom($request, $mail);
        $url = $request->url(null, 'user.grid', 'activateUser', $requestUser->getData('username'), array('username' => $requestUser->getData('username'), 'accesskey' => $accessKey));
        $url = str_replace('$$$call$$$/', '', $url);
        $url = str_replace('activate-user', 'activateUser', $url);
            'userFullName' => $requestUser->getFullName(),
            'activateUrl' => $url
        $mail->addRecipient($requestUser->getEmail(), $requestUser->getFullName());

        return new JSONMessage(true, __('grid.user.sendValidateMailNotify'));

then add this line to this path: ‘lib/pkp/pages/user/index.php - line code 32’
case 'activateUser':

Your link should call this function “activateUser” on RegisterationHandller

Have nice time

Thanks, @mbabaei. Would you be able to create a pull request in GitHub for this?

@ctgraham I don’t know exactly how can i do it ?!
Do you have any tutorial for it?

You’ll find a number of good tutorials online, such as: