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we host a quite large journals system with a many journals(52) and comprehensive peer review system.
‌1) The Journal Managers asked me, when we want sent request revision there is on button “Add Reviews To Email” after clicking it, The reviewers form append to Above Email Box and the author to due this email answered but it does not specify in the text of this email which reviewer is for which review, and the author of the answers to which data is to which reviewer.
For example, the reviewer A and B and …
Written by the author at the time of the reply. Answers to the questions of the reviewer A

  1. How can i add a feature to “Request Revisions Modal / Section” that journal Editor could add file or files to request revision to author (i mean “Attached Files Grid” that we need here),but at this time journal editor could just select files that reviewer added or sent them " Select review files to share with the author(s)".

Do you think this is a feature is important?


Hi @mbabaei,

One suggestion for 1) would be to have the journal manager/editor rename the file to correspond with the Reviewer when attaching the document to the decision email. As well, other forum members may have additional suggestions.



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Thanks Dear Patricia
But i want know when i add Reviewer Form to Email Text, How Can i add the title like Reviewer A, B, C, …
You Know ? Its important because in the reviewer form there is a box like reviewer comment so due to this box author should change or send response to us, i think it is very important