Reprocessing usage stats after base_url has changed

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to tackle this issue. We recently switched one of our instances from http to https and now I’m in a position where I need to reprocess a bunch of usage logs from before the switch; one of the journals didn’t have their base_url in the config file so its usage wasn’t being reported.

Anyway, if I change all of the base_urls to http://… the journals don’t display properly so I can’t do that while the reprocessing runs, which might take a few days. Anyone have any ideas?

In this thread (reprocessing-usagestats-in-ojs3-0-2/33305/2) bozana recommends doing it in a non-production instance and then copying the metrics table to production. Is this the only way?

Hi Bart,

Another option would be to change all references of to in the log files and reprocess. Probably best to make a backup of everything before you do this (including the metrics table and log files). @bozana May have some other thoughts here as well.

Thanks jmacgreg! I should’ve thought of that.

sed -i -e 's|http:|https:|' * did the trick if someone else runs into this issue / thread.

Thanks @bart and @jmacgreg!

I will try to add an option to consider the base_url change and maybe especially http to https change for log files processing in the current usage stats plugin – I am not sure at the moment how to solve it exactly, but… track this issue for that: Eventually consider base_url change in usage statistics · Issue #3777 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.