RePEc Indexing - OJS Plugin

Our journals will start being indexed by RePEc. Since their system is intricate, I was looking for help from others who already undergo this process utilizing OJS.
While searching for information on Google, I have found a website selling a plugin specifically for RePEc-OJS, (, and I was wondering if anyone knows it or already uses it.
Are there others way to collect all the metadata requested without doing manually?

Thank you

Hi @transitionacademia

Thank you for asking about RePEc

I have sent a private message regarding the description of the RePEc Plugin product.

Thank you


Thanks @goodzy for your prompt reply.

we have the same question, is it better to install a plugin or to prepare the server based on RePEc recommendation?

Dear Ana,

Thank you for your asking.

Is it better to install a plugin or to prepare the server ?
Our answer : if you use our repec plugin the server setup will be created automatically.

Just for your information, our repec plugin has been acknowledged by repec official. For details, you can visit the following link: RePEc step-by-step tutorial

if you want further discussion you can contact our team at


You don’t need a plugin for this. It will take 5 min to set it up on any server.

Thank you @ken_Joe
Does OJS provide files with the rdf extension, or should we generate them manually?