Reordering of articles reverts after hitting "done"

Good Afternoon.

We are running OJS 3.1.2 and experiencing trouble in reordering articles within the “Future Issues”. After hitting “Order” we are able to rearrange articles and sections, but once we hit “Done” everything reverts back to its old position.

The most recent problem like this I could find was a similar reversion on hitting “Done” mentioned in 2017, but when our IT folks looked at implementing the patch described in that thread, they found that it is no longer applicable to the code as presently written.

They were able to turn up a clue in the logs, though: “Only variables should be passed by reference in …/lib/pkp/classes/controllers/grid/feature/ on line 146”.

Does anyone else have this issue or know of a solution?

Thank you!

I was able to workaround this issue as follows:

  1. Under Settings > Journal > Sections, I changed the default section order to reflect what I wanted in the new issue.

  2. I removed all content from the misordered sections of the future issue.

  3. I re-added all content from the sections that had been mis-ordered, which now appeared in the proper section order.

As I say, this was a workaround to get this issue out the door. The underlying issue of why normal ordering changes within the future issue continually reverted has not been resolved, and should continue to be investigated.