Removing faux submissions from All Active spikes Decline rate in OJS

Since the Delete button was removed from the list of All Active submissions in an earlier version of OJS, the only way for an editor/journal manager to remove items that are not real submissions-- those that were made in error, often partial duplicates of real submissions, or made during a training exercise, or accidentally Quick Submitted more than once–is to sign in as a journal editor/manager and Decline the submission.

The problem with this solution is that this inflates the number of items Declined by the journal, especially for journals with a large number of submissions.

The use case(s) for some way for Editors/Journal managers to delete/archive submissions without declining them have been noted, sometimes in the context of the ability to see/manage Incomplete submissions:

Workarounds such as logging in as the author and then deleting the submission do not seem to work, since many of these items were deposited by a member of the editorial team and the Delete function is not presented to them in the author workflow.

Is there any way to get rid/Archive these submissions without inflating the journal’s Decline rate?

After you decline the submission you can delete it from the Archived submissions list. Deleted submissions will not effect the journal’s decline rate.

@NateWr Thank you! I really appreciate your speedy reply. I’m very relieved.

We looked at the decline rate the same day that we deleted the items from the Archive, and the decline rate included the items that we deleted. However, they had been removed from the number of submissions declined by the next day.

That being said, is there any other way in the editorial UI to delete these submissions that are duplicates or those that are incomplete and have been in the Active queue for years? We are dealing with a journal that has over 100 submissions that are either incomplete or duplicated because they were submitted twice. I sympathize with the trouble that other journals were experiencing with the Delete button in the Submissions list, but the process change to having to decline the submission, then delete it from the Archive makes the process to get rid of Faux submissions more cumbersome than it was in earlier versions of OJS. Incomplete submissions are the most cumbersome, because we have to complete the submission, then decline it, then delete it from the Archive. Sigh.

Hi @mreedks, yeah we have a couple of requests filed with ideas to make this easier.

If you’re a developer, you’ll find some code samples in the second one that you can use to quickly delete a bunch of submissions if you want.