Removing Custom Roles in OJS

I have a question about when you create a custom Roles in OJS 3.1.14 and you assign it to a user. A user with the new role makes editorial decisions and then the role is removed but not the user. What happens to the editorial history? Does it get retained and if so where does it get retained in the system? I was asked this question and I was not sure what the answer is. Thanks.

Hi @Stephen,

Interesting question …

This should get stored as part of the editorial history that is stored as a part of the submission. You can get at this by clicking on “Editorial History” in viewing the submission: Chapter 14: Editorial Workflow. If any action is taken on a submission as part of the editorial workflow it gets recorded here. Even if a user or role is deleted, I suspect it would be recorded, I would think.

PKP Team

Is there any best practices for removing custom roles?

Hi @Stephen,

A colleague of mine reported the following about removing. a role:

“Just tried this on, with an Editor and Reviewer (removing all roles). It looks like they stay assigned to the manuscript, and nothing happens with the editorial history. Since they don’t have a role in the journal they just won’t be able to access the manuscript they’re removed”