Remove »?journal=NAME« of URL?


I’m trying to handle the URL rewriting of our freshly installed (and up to now blank) OJS 3.0.0.

Our web hoster doesn’t allow »PATH_INFO«, so I had to »disable_path_info = On« in order to prevent ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. I also activated »restful_urls = On« and inserted a .htaccess, which eliminates the »index.php« part of the URL perfectly.

Since we’re running only one journal on a unique URL (the journals name), we would also like to get rid of the »?journal=NAME« part of the URL.

I searched this forum and the old one with no success. Some help would be great! Is this possible and how can to achieve that?


You’ll need to use the QSA modifier for the rewrites:
You’ll want to add in the journal=NAME parameter if and only if you want the request to be in the journal context. You would not want this parameter added, for example, if the request is in the index context.

The specifics of this configuration are webserver-related and not OJS-releated, and are very particular to your host, and thus are beyond the scope of the forum. I suspect, however, if you run into trouble and if you post specifically what you’ve tried and what is or isn’t working, one of us might be able to offer guidance.