Remote URL not working in navigation Bar

Describe the issue or problem
I want to add remote URL in navigation Bar exactely in “Administration / Site Settings” but not working.

Steps I took leading up to the issue

  1. Go to ‘Administration / Site Settings’
  2. Click on ’ Navigation’
  3. Scroll down and Click to ‘Add item’
  4. Add title and URL and selecte remote URL
  5. No error showing, but button Save not clickable (after the first click, it remains blocked, and not saved in list items)

What application are you using?

Additional information



Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher
Thanks a lot :blue_heart: problem solved.

The following change will solve your problem.

Replace the codes in this line (227)

if($locale !== $context->getPrimaryLocale() && $remoteUrl == '') continue;

with this

if (!empty($context)) {
   if($locale !== $context->getPrimaryLocale() && $remoteUrl == '') continue;
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