Registration on Lockss

We use OJS and activate the plugin for Lockss. How do we know that the registration of the magazine was correct? Is there any notification that the magazine was registered in the Lockss system?

Hi @sec1985,

If your journal is showing up in the list at, all is well. Keep in mind that this list is updated daily, and it can take a couple of days for all of the components of the PKP PN to complete, so if your journal does not show up in the list within three or four days, that’s normal.

However, if it doesn’t show up in the list four days after you activated the plugin, include a screen shot the plugin’s status page so we can take a look. Best not to include your journal’s UUID in a public post though.

PKP Team

After activating the plugin at the end of January the magazine does not appear in the list. I include a screen capture to check if it is correct.Captura%20pantalla%20activaci%C3%B3n%20Lockss

We’ll look into it on our end and report back.

@sec1985 can you email me at mjordan 0 to follow up on this?