Registration of the Peer Review process in OJS

Hi, what possible implementations are there in OJS to leave a record of the peer review process?
Something similar to what this article has in F1000Research is possible in OJS? Are there any experiences?

Would there be a way to assign DOI to those reviews?

Thank you.

Hi @Ppantaleo,

There is an experimental plugin to publish the review reports along with the article over here:

It needs further development in order to really be useful – I made a few assumptions about what kind of data should be available, and you’ll probably want to expose more – but I’m hoping someone who wants to work with it can tune it to their particular needs fairly quickly!

OJS doesn’t currently support DOIs for reviews; that would require extending the CrossRef plugin for OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thank you very much Alec.

Hi @Ppantaleo

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Hi, I think it may be a new feature but it is not in high demand with the institutions I work with. My question was to be able to implement it little by little, since it is a function that can enrich the editorial process.
Due to the low demand for the function, I think it could be moved to support.

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