Regarding PKP PN

After 4 months of OJS use till we have not preserve any article after all settings suggest by you. Out of 96 issues only one display status is complete remain all are shown error.
When this completed issue is preserve in LOCKSS?
We have also question about remain 95 issue which are shown error status, what to do in this case.
Screenshot is attached for your reference.

OPJS version:

Hi @National_Journal_of,

This category isn’t a proper place to ask for support, so I’ll close this topic.

FYI, this problem has been addressed (see Missing mapping for the "inProgress" state · Issue #18 · pkp/pln · GitHub), but a new plugin version with the fix hasn’t been released yet.

As for your submissions: all of them should be preserved already, this is just an issue in the plugin when retrieving the current status.

In order to confirm, you might look for your records at “The Keepers registry”.


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