Regarding PKP PN plugin not working

Dear Sir,

We have check the PKP PN status but there is no any article is deposit or preserve till date. Kindly look into this. After 4 months of OJS, there is no any single article is deposited in PKP PN.
pkp pn

Screenshot is attached herewith.

How and when our journal articles will be deposited in PKP PN or LOCKSS.



Please provide us the journal URL, we’ll use it to gather extra information from our side.

Also, could you please take a look in your logs?

The PLN plugin works through a scheduled task, and its activity is logged in the directory ${files_dir}/scheduledTaskLogs (the location of the files_dir is configured in the file / each time it runs. The PLN log file begins with the name PKPPLNDepositorTask and ends with a date stamp. If you don’t have these files, it’s an indication that the plugin may not be running as it should.

In order to extract a helpful error message, it would be great if you could:

  1. Execute the task manually using the command below:
    php tools/runScheduledTasks.php plugins/generic/pln/xml/scheduledTasks.xml

p.s.: The task is scheduled to run once a day, in case it has already been executed, it won’t execute again in the same day. Then you’ll need to set its last_run date back a few days in the scheduled_tasks database table.

  1. Share the latest log generated for the task (the one which starts with “PKPPLNDepositorTask” and ends with the current date)

  2. Share relevant errors from your server’s error log (the errors which happened in the time frame of the task execution)


pkp pn error


After zip extension installation our PKP PN shows error . Kindly look the screen shot.
Our website is

OJS version:

Thank you for the guidance.

Thanks for the update! Looks like that’s a common issue, I’ve created an issue for it here: [Plugin][PLN] Missing mapping for the "inProgress" state · Issue #7885 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

I’ll probably take a look in the code and propose a fix today.


As there’s already a fix for the issue (watch out for the plugin updates) and it’s not something critical, I’m closing this topic.