References tab missing in submission metadata



In my installation of OJS, I don’t see the References tab in the submission metadata:

It’s shown correctly in the OJS demo website:

I thought this issue had been fixed in version, no?



By the way, the extracted references are still shown at the bottom of each article landing page – is there a way to disable this exhibition, while I’m unable to edit the references?


Same problem here…


ok… i got it
it must be enabled at settings > workflow > submissions > submissions metadata


Thank you @cembra, it works!

Now I see the References tab:

The “Extract and Save References” button does appear at the bottom, it’s just cropped.

Now, while we don’t fix the References for all articles,
we’d like to hide the references in the article landing page.
It seems possible to comment out the section in file “article_details.tpl”:



could it be a to small screen resolution?
if it is, maybe you can workaround by decreasing the zoom at your browser…


Sorry, I meant the button appears okay, after scrolling down:

Now, I don’t understand why some articles have empty extracted references.

Does anyone know when and where the reference extraction takes place?