References (raw_citation) and search keywords changes in DB vs cache

As part of an OJS 2.4.5 → 3.1 upgrade, we had to change a lot of table collation (a bad mix of latin1 and utf8) and convert character encoding, with some tidy-up jobs to UPDATE certain characters in db tables, particularly user-entered metadata.

This has worked fine with submission_settings values like abstract, title, etc., and for some other journal / issue level data, but although I can see my changes made correctly in the citation table (raw_citation column) and the submission_search_keyword_list table (keyword_text column), the changes never appear in the pages! I’ve tried every way of clearing data / caches / etc that I can, to no avail.

We went to an old published submission, realised that references weren’t enabled / in submission form for this journal anymore so we added back in, made a change to one of them and saved. That change showed up straight away in the pages… but not in the db tables. So clearly I’m looking in the wrong place? Could someone give me tips on where this data is stored and if there is some extra step I need to thing about when making bulk changes to search keyword and reference list text? (and perhaps ‘additional metadata’, more broadly?)

Ah, I’ve found the ‘citations’ column in the submission table now, that seems to take care of that… though I’m unsure how it relates to citations.raw_citation exactly…

Still looking for search keyword displayed values…

Hi @kshepherd,

Keywords will be in the controlled_vocab_entry and controlled_vocab_entry_settings tables (along with other things).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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