Reference not showing OJS 3

I’m asking for help. Previously I used OJS 3 ( with the Academic Pro Theme, but when I saw the details of the reference article, it didn’t appear. After I use the default theme the reference appears. Is there a solution to the problem above?

Academic Pro Theme

Default Theme

thank you

Hello Sigit
We found that you are using OJS 3.1.2-2 which is below our supported version to make the theme work flawlessly. It is recommended to upgrade your outdated OJS to the latest version since your current OJS has security issues.

However, we have sent support to your email regarding this issue.

Thank you

Hello Navotera

Thank you for reminding. I will try to update OJS 3 to the latest version. Is there a safe and supported version for this theme?

Dear Sigit

Our theme support OJS 3.1.2-4 to the latest version of OJS which is currently
We recommend taking the latest version since it is the safest version of OJS.

Thank you.

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Ok thanks a lot for helping me. I will try updating OJS to the latest version.

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