Redirection after form submit

I have made new form for Reviewers Rating in Review tab (with new FormElements, Dao, etc…) instead of 5-star rating, I have 4 questions. After submiting form, ‘quality’ row in review_assignements table is updated as expected.

Everything worked fine, until I decided to move form from Review Details modal to new modal Rate Reviewer which I have made. Form submission still works, but after clicking on ‘submit’
instead of redirecting to Review tab, I’ve got blank page with following text:

So, the question is how to redirect back to some page after submitting form?

And I need some hints about form validation

Made it… I forgot to attach the form handler to .tpl file.

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I’m having the same problem, how can i fix it? i looked hard for the templates so i can see what is called when the button is clicked and there is a user rating different than null but no luck